Friday, July 30, 2010


Headlines reads: "3 EXECS GIVE MILLIONS TO TARGET DEMS", Dallas Morning News, Texas & Southwest, Pg. 3A, Friday, July 30th, 2010 by Wayne Slater, Senior Pollitical Writer, DMN.
      Dallas' Simmons, Rowling, Rees-Jones back ROVE-led effort against Reid, others...........

     The article opens with: "Dallas oilman Trevor Rees-Jones may not know Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but he's betting one million dollars that he can make the Nevada Democrat's political life more difficult these days.

     "Rees-Jones is helping bankroll a group spearheaded by KARL ROVE and funded largely by Texans to air TV spots attacking Reid and other Democrats.

   " Virginia-based American Crossroads has raised $4.7  million - two thirds of it from Texas - for a national effort.  Dallas billionaires are providing much of the money.

   "Rees Jones, president and CEO of privately held Chief Oil and Gas, and investorsHarold Simmons and Robert Rowling have given $1 million dollars each. Of 29 donors to American Crossroads, 20 are from the Lone Star State.

   "So far the effort has been aimed at unseating Reid in Nevade and defeating Joe Sestak, the Democratic Senate nominee in Pennsylvania, with TV ads in their home states. Both face stiff Republican challenges."

   Further, it intends to target Senate races in Arkansas, Colorado, Washington State, Flordia, Illinois and Missouri.  Another article of July 20th added Ohio and New Hampshire but failed to mention Illinois.

   Back to the quote, "Contributions by American Crossroads are public. But a reported reluctance by some doners to be identified has proposed the creation of another organization, American Crossroads GPS, which has a different tax status and is not required to disclose its donors."

      The American Crossroads GPS operates under the 501(c) 4 instead of the 527 (Swiftboaters of 2004 deceit) an IRS law that allows donors to remain behind closed doors but must deal with issues - (not set up to target individual candidates.)

      The primise behind the "secret donor" supposedly is to keep the affiliation of some of the organizors silent - at the top of the list (according to some secret operatives) is KARL ROVE.






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